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Shipping Policy

Order Confirmation

  • Every Confirmed Order will be shipped within 2-3 working days. 

  • You will receive a shipment confirmation via email from, once its processed. Frozen Food Products are home delivered exclusively by Cherrys team only in the Prague city.


Order Live Tracking

      Your shipment will be Delivered  in Czech Republic by


shipping 2.JPG

If you face any problems with a delivery, please contact at or +420 776110902 (Whatsapp/Mobile). 

It is important for you to ensure self-availability to receive the order at the time of delivery. 

 Reasons for delivery failures: 

  • You provided the wrong phone number or address for delivery

  • The address for delivery cannot safely be accessed

  • There is no easy and secure means of leaving the products at the address for delivery and there is no person available to accept delivery

  • Unavailability of the person at the address for delivery to accept delivery (if signature is mandatory).

Note: Re-delivery will be chargeable in the above mentioned cases.


Weight Restrictions

All orders have a weight limit of 25 kgs per parcel. If the order weight is over 25kgs, then the normal shipping cost will apply for every additional parcel. Per order, only one parcel will be free.

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